The Vicinity of the Zang Fu Organs to the Abdomen - Abdominal Acupuncture

The Vicinity of the Zang Fu Organs to the Abdomen

All the Zang Fu organs reside in this area and can be accessed either directly or through the AMS connection.

The abdomen contains all the organs of the middle and lower Jiao. Although the Heart and Lungs are located in the upper Jiao/Burner they are connected with the abdomen via their Zang Fu coupled organs, namely the Large Intestine and the Small Intestine.

The Heart in the chest is nourished by the Stomach and Spleen and has an internal/external relationship with the Small Intestine. The Lung channel begins in the middle Burner and connects with the Large Intestine. The Stomach and Spleen are located in the middle Burner. (Lore, R. 2011). The Gallbladder is also located in the middle Burner. The Kidneys, Liver and Urinary Bladder are found in the lower Burner. The Pericardium is the protective envelope surrounding the Heart and is thus located in the upper Burner.

As its Zang Fu organ pair is the Triple Burner (TB), it can be accessed via the Triple Burner and, therefore, the abdomen. The Triple Burner combines all three areas of the chest, middle and lower abdominal regions and thus can be accessed easily using abdominal acupuncture (see below for more details on the TB).

Since all the Zang Fu organs are accessible through the abdomen, this gives abdominal acupuncture extra potency when compared to some other so-called microforms of acupuncture such as ear or scalp acupuncture. Abdominal acupuncture is now favoured in many Chinese hospitals over scalp acupuncture in the treatment of hemiplegia due to stroke.

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