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Treating Toe Pain And Tinnitus With Abdominal Acupuncture

Here I am treating a Ballerina who had twisted her ankle a week previously with the pain radiating up the leg. You can observe at around 3.50 mins the pain has reduced to 5 out of 10 then as I search the area that she is now feeling the pain (medial pain is down) lateral of the ankle on the abdomen suddenly at 4.20 Mins I find an ahshi, I then show it to her father who describes it as a bubble at 4.30. The pain goes down to 3 and then with the addition of one more needle and the small adjustment of another the pain disappears. She danced that night and continues to do so!!

Tinnitus, cold, cough and toe pain treatment with an explanation of why I used each point in the prescription. I discuss the depth and function of each point and you will see that there was a very minimal treatment to fix a very painful big toe!

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