The Three Layers Of The Abdomen In Abdominal Acupuncture - Abdominal Acupuncture

The Three Layers Of The Abdomen In Abdominal Acupuncture

“…It is said that the energy of the heaven takes charge of the region above the centre of the universe and that the energy of the earth takes charge of the region below the centre of the universe; the energy of man is guided by the region in which communication of energy takes place and from which the origin of everything is derived” (Lu H C, 1978, p 441).

Heaven / superficial level 
This is the prenatal or congenital (first) AMS formed during the development of the embryo. This level lies just under the skin and treats all kinds of pain in all regions including head (and sense organs), torso, upper and lower limbs. It also treats acute disorders (meridian and collateral disorders). It is represented by a hologram of the turtle/tortoise  and it contains Bo’s new abdominal points (Ab 1-8). It is the most frequently used layer.

Humanity / middle level
This is found in the fat layer and it connects the internal and external. It forms a connection between the congenital and the acquired AMS. It is based on the Jing Lou theory and uses standard primary and extraordinary meridians to treat the body.

Earth / deep level
This is located in the muscle layer on the acquired (postnatal/second) AMS. It treats the Zang Fu organs and viscera and chronic conditions it is represented by the Ba Gua /8 trigrams.

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