The Second / Post-Heaven (Natal) or Acquired AMS - Abdominal Acupuncture

The Second / Post-Heaven (Natal) or Acquired AMS

As the umbilicus closes it develops into nerve tissues and forms a second circulatory system, i.e. the second, postnatal or acquired AMS. At this stage the new role of the second AMS takes over. As the baby matures and the Zang Fu organs grow the baby’s own Jing Lou meridian system begins to develop.

Both the pre- (first) and post-heaven (second) AMS communicate via the middle level standard Jing Lou meridian system so that they can regulate all parts and organs of the body.

It can be seen that the (Shenque) Ren 8 system acts as a modulator of Qi and Blood from the very conception of the baby. It is also the central point of the three-tiered abdominal system. This explains why the depth of the needles is so crucial when using abdominal acupuncture.

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