Abdominal Acupuncture for Detoxing

New Year Detox

The Christmas festivities are over and many of us are looking at ways to recoup, rebalance and restore our health after the excesses of the “silly season”. As the New Year begins many traditions encourage us to review our lives and to resolve to change behaviours or habits that we are not completely happy with! New Year's resolutions are often repeated year after year as the years revolve faster and faster (at my age anyway).

New Year's resolutions or plans to make good life changes should be encouraged rather than seen as a way of limiting your fun or quality of life. In this podcast Pia and I discuss various ways of making small changes to achieve big health benefits. We look at some ways that Abdominal Acupuncture can facilitate the body to detox, to eliminate the toxins of the holidays, be it too much alcohol, food, sugar, etc. Elimination can be through various different routes, sweat, faeces, urine and through our breath. Abdominal Acupuncture can improve the function of the main organs involved including the lungs, liver, kidneys and the GI tract. 

We discuss some ways to gently reduce substances that we no longer want in our lives and what foods can help us make that transition more palatable! We also look at the idea of fasting and some of the options which can be easier to maintain, such as the 16:8 fast where we consume all food within 8 hours of the day. There are so many choices. Some fasting regimes encourage 2 days of fasting per week to encourage the body's autophagy, where old cells are removed and replaced and the health benefits that can accompany this state include reduced tendencies towards cancer and diabetes. 

January can be a difficult month, emotionally (and financially) for many so we also suggest ways to brighten up this month. We suggest Abdominal Acupuncture prescriptions which can help to restore a more balanced emotional state and one to deal with depression in particular.  

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere this time of the year often requires that our immune systems are working at their optimal levels and after all the Christmas parties, late nights and shananicans our Wei Qi can be spent. Fear not -  there is a great prescription to help resusitate your immune system so that all those nasty colds, flus and winter vomiting bugs don’t take hold.

This podcast is pretty light hearted as I think the whole idea of New Year's resolutions should not be about retribution. If you make some changes well done. If you don’t, maybe you don’t need to, or if you tried to, and gave up, well who’s to say you can’t give it another go after using some Abdominal Acupuncture to help the process. Whatever the case I wish you a happy, non judgemental and healthy new year. ENJOY. 

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