Liver phase cleaning before Chinese New Year

In this podcast Dave and Pia discuss the upcoming Chinese New Year and the benefits of preparing for both the New Year and also the oncoming Spring season. We give suggestions for how to prepare the earth element, the Spleen / Stomach, for this transitional eighteen day period before we move into the wood elements Liver / Gall Bladder phase. Springtime is a favourite time for me and Pia and we both look at the best ways to enjoy the move from Winter with its contractive nature to the expansive nature of Spring and the opportunities that it offers!

This year will be that Year of the Dog, which is characterised by loyalty honestly and dedication. It is said that people who are born in the Year of the Dog are also very hard working and often stubborn. Preparation for the Chinese New Year involves clearing and cleansing of both body / mind and living environment. Pia and I discuss ways in which we can achieve this so that our liver energy can expand and grow in all directions enabling both Qi and Blood to flow freely. We talk about how a living in a environment that is free of clutter allows “the General" (Liver) to regulate and harmonise our bodies so that we are able to make good decisions to move freely without pain and to enjoy the benefits of Springtime with its rejuvenating energy. We mention some of the problems that we might see in our own private lives or in our clinics when Liver Qi and / Blood becomes stifled, stagnant or depleted.

Abdominal acupuncture prescriptions are suggested for both the Spleen and the Liver so that we are in the best possible condition for the new season, the merits of parsley and nettle tea are also discussed. We chat about looking forward to the new season and the new Chinese year and finish up with a brief discussion about the upcoming launch of our flagship abdominal acupuncture online course.

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