chinese herbs and acupuncture

Using Chinese Herbs

In this podcast Pia and I discuss the use of the patent herbs and our practices In France and Ireland respectively. We have both studied a limited amount about the use of herbal medicine and this discussion is quite informal. 

The use of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and ready-made patent formulas is still somewhat of a grey area in Europe and here in Ireland. It seems ironic to me that the pharmaceutical companies begin to buy up Chinese herbal companies and even the farming lands that they produced from, which would indicate that they obviously appreciate the value and recognise the therapeutic benefit of herbal medicine. On the other hand many herbs are becoming outlawed in the European Union. 

Pia and I discuss when we would use either raw or patent herbs. We talk about our experiences over the years in both China, France and Ireland. We chat about how we might incorporate the use of herbal formulas into our treatments. We discuss our own personal favourites and of various experiences that we have had with them, we have both seen incredible results using simple herbal preparations such as Yunan Bai Yao and Zheng Gu Zhui for treating cuts, bruises and even preventing abdominal rainbow bruises, on the very rare occasions that an abdominal point might bleed. Other formulas like Yin Qiao which is a personal favourite at the start of a cold. I always maintain a stock of these herbs. Unfortunately many of the great herbal formulas for moving blood stasis are no longer legal in Europe. 

Neither of us are herbalists but we both have at many stages in our careers thought about going back to study traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It is a topic that I still toy with and may very well commit to studying in the future.

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