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Summer Solstice

Dave and Pia talk about all things related to the Summer Solstice in Ireland and France.The Abdominal Acupuncture Podcast · Episode 44: The Solstice PodcastIn this podcast Pia and I give our updates about

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Covid 19 May Update

Dave and Pia give Covid-19 confinement updates for May from Ireland and France.In this podcast Pia and I talk about what's going on in our relative parts of the world. I am based in Ireland and Pia works

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Wash Your Hands – Covid19

In this podcast Pia and I discuss our thoughts, anxieties and general feelings about our new world order which has changed rapidly due to the evolving and ever growing impacts of the CoVid-19 pandemic.

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Summer Is Over

Summer is over and we are into late summer (usually happens when our schools go back). I got to get a holiday and bring some great reading to the beach. Pia and I engage in great, free flowing discussion

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Advanced Abdominal Acupuncture

In this podcast Pia and I discuss details of my new advanced abdominal acupuncture course. The online version will be available later this year. Right now I am teaching live courses in different parts

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