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Marijuana Blues

Marc had always lived with some mental health problems. From a young age he was anxious and didn’t like too much attention. He became more and more anxious as he got older and now at 27 years of age

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Crippling Anxiety. Back And Hip Pain

Andy is a lean, fit construction worker in his 30’s. He was recommended to me because of his crippling anxiety, back and hip pain. He battled with himself on his journey to attend for his first ever

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Stress Treatment

We are emotional beings, which I believe is a huge part of what makes us socomplex and wonderful with incredible diversity, compassion, integrity and intuition. Emotions are not a bad thing (seen as they

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Sarah’s Quickie

Sarah was sent to me with stress, anxiety and all over bilateral knee pain! She said that others kept telling her she was stressed but that she wasn’t aware of it. She had received acupuncture before

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Arthritis treatment with abdominal acupuncture

Fingers and thumbs!Tommy is in his late sixties. He is a recovering alcoholic and has had a hard life. He has been sober for over 14 years now. Currently he is having a difficult period with his family

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