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Chronic Headache. Neck and Shoulder Pain

Catherine had once had acupuncture to quit smoking but it didn’t work! (Here come Dave’s rant; “I hate when I hear this because it is a great cop out and is much easier to blame acupuncture than

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Drunk And Disorderly

Diane is a thirty five year old who tends to do everything to excess. She likes to drink at the weekend which on most occasions, involves a binge that lasts all weekend. There is usually some cocaine and

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Chronic Shoulder and Rib Pain

Gill was used to having pain in her left shoulder and neck, as it had been a constant part of her life for approximately eighteen months when she first came to see me. She almost cancelled her appointment

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Chronic Neck, Shoulder and Lumbar Pain

Susan had used acupuncture before and was familiar with the nature of regular acupuncture treatments. She had used it to help her to conceive her twins and three years later she decided that she should

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Shoulder Hip Knee Pain

Zara had tried acupuncture on a couple of occasions, so was familiar with the  consultation process. She explained that her job as a researcher involved hours of sitting at a desk using a computer.

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