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Eleana’s Elbow & Wrist Pain

Eleana is in her mid fourties and works in an office as an administrator, over the last six months she has been a lot more computer imputing of Data and as a result she has developed a very painful, elbow

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Shoulder Hip Knee Pain

Zara had tried acupuncture on a couple of occasions, so was familiar with the  consultation process. She explained that her job as a researcher involved hours of sitting at a desk using a computer.

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The Hardships of Christmas!

Mary was looking forward to a merry Christmas! She had all the excitement and enthusiasm of an energetic seven year old child, even though she is a 67 year old granny. With such enthusiasm Mary decided

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Knee pain and foot numbness treatment with abdominal acupuncture

Neil is a young at heart, 72 year old male, with arthritic knees. He has been suffering with severe pain bilaterally for seven years. His doctor told him some time ago that his knees need to be replaced

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hip pain treated by abdominal acupuncture

The Aches and Pains of a Horse Whisperer

Henry had been working with horses for over 35 years! His job involved breaking horses and training feisty mares and stubborn stallions to become race horses. This job demands fast response times and agility

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