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Scoliosis, Arthritis and Neuralgia

IntroductionAnna is in her mid seventies and has been suffering with various joint pains due to arthritis for a number of years. She has Scoliosis that causes her to walk with a stoop and Neuralgia which

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Chronic Headache. Neck and Shoulder Pain

Catherine had once had acupuncture to quit smoking but it didn’t work! (Here come Dave’s rant; “I hate when I hear this because it is a great cop out and is much easier to blame acupuncture than

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Headache treatment with abdominal acupuncture

A Superhero's headache When Tommy returned six weeks after the previous session to deal with his stress and arthritic finger & thumb (see fingers and thumbs) he complained of having a throbbing,

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Grief, anxiety, headache - how I use abdominal acupuncture to treate not just physical pain but also pain at an emotional and Zang Fu level.

Mother Earth’s Grief

Grief, Anxiety, Headache - Treatment With Abdominal AcupunctureOn our first encounter, Margaret explained about her unresolved grief following her husband’s short illness and sudden death two years earlier.

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