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Carina’s Crohn’s Disease, Allergy and Wrist Pain

Carina is an active 75 year old lady who has been suffering with Crohn’s disease for over five years now. The majority of her problems originate from the junction of the ileum, as a result she experiences

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Drunk And Disorderly

Diane is a thirty five year old who tends to do everything to excess. She likes to drink at the weekend which on most occasions, involves a binge that lasts all weekend. There is usually some cocaine and

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Leg Ulcer Treatment

Treating a leg ulcer with abdominal acupuncture Here is a quick demonstration from one of my live events Pneumonia Can Be A Pain In The AssBackache is a pain, both literally and figuratively.

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Marijuana Blues

Marc had always lived with some mental health problems. From a young age he was anxious and didn’t like too much attention. He became more and more anxious as he got older and now at 27 years of age

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HRT Horror

Helen is in her late fifties. She has always been an up beat, vibrant, motivated and independent woman. She runs her own business has brought up four children and often looks after a number of grand children,

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