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Lower Back Pain Treatment With Abdominal Acupuncture

Dave Shipsey using abdominal acupuncture to treat lower back pain. Cun measuring tool (jump to 5mins 45s in the video). Using Chinese HerbsIn this podcast Pia and I discuss the use

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Chronic Neck, Shoulder and Lumbar Pain

Susan had used acupuncture before and was familiar with the nature of regular acupuncture treatments. She had used it to help her to conceive her twins and three years later she decided that she should

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Crippling Anxiety. Back And Hip Pain

Andy is a lean, fit construction worker in his 30’s. He was recommended to me because of his crippling anxiety, back and hip pain. He battled with himself on his journey to attend for his first ever

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Great Granny Is Back On Track!

An elderly client in her early nineties called me in a panic. She thought that her hip had collapsed due to the severe pain she was getting across her lumbar area! Her speech is sometimes difficult and

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Peter’s Protruding Disc Problem

I first met this big man just after Christmas. He is a large very strong man who has been suffering with severe hip, and lumbar back pain which moves down into his glutes where he has a very strong local

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