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Scoliosis, Arthritis and Neuralgia

IntroductionAnna is in her mid seventies and has been suffering with various joint pains due to arthritis for a number of years. She has Scoliosis that causes her to walk with a stoop and Neuralgia which

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Eleana’s Elbow & Wrist Pain

Eleana is in her mid fourties and works in an office as an administrator, over the last six months she has been a lot more computer imputing of Data and as a result she has developed a very painful, elbow

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Shoulder Hip Knee Pain

Zara had tried acupuncture on a couple of occasions, so was familiar with the  consultation process. She explained that her job as a researcher involved hours of sitting at a desk using a computer.

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Freeing Freeda From Arthritic Pain And Swelling!

Freeda had just turned 80 years of age. She has been suffering with a debilitating arthritis affecting her left wrist, forefinger and thumb. She also gets pain in her lumbar area, neck, shoulder and right

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The Hardships of Christmas!

Mary was looking forward to a merry Christmas! She had all the excitement and enthusiasm of an energetic seven year old child, even though she is a 67 year old granny. With such enthusiasm Mary decided

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