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Asthma And Chest Tightness

Ashton, a large, fit and powerful man, had never had respiratory problems until he got a bad flu. He finally cleared it after a month of antibiotics and almost three weeks time off work. He felt that his

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Too Hot To Trot

It seems that most of the northern hemisphere has experienced record breaking high temperatures which have had huge implications for all of us. Farmers are struggling to feed their animals, crops are giving

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A Conversation About Allergies

In this podcast Dave and Pia talk about best practice for using abdominal acupuncture to treat allergies. An Explosive Situation – Part 2Eddie was in his mid thirties and had worked in

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Treating Allergies and Asthma with Abdominal Acupuncture

We are entering into the allergy season, when those unfortunate seasonal allergy sufferers with Hay fever are tormented with symptoms such as streaming, itchy irritated eyes and nose!Spring / Summer without

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