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Unified Acupuncture Theory

In this podcast episode Dave and Jonathan talk about how different approaches to acupuncture can be integrated successfully. They discuss some of the similarities of abdominal and hara palpation in order

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Sarah’s Quickie

Sarah was sent to me with stress, anxiety and all over bilateral knee pain! She said that others kept telling her she was stressed but that she wasn’t aware of it. She had received acupuncture before

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Pneumonia Can Be A Pain In The Ass

Backache is a pain, both literally and figuratively. Just over two years ago Barbara was housebound for five weeks due to pneumonia. As a result of this long duration of recuperation, mainly lying on her

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Abdominal Acupuncture Used To Treat A Tumour

Trisha had a benign tumour measuring 2.4 cms which was due to be operated on soon. It had reached the 2.4cms level and therefore surgery was going to be performed at the earliest available chance. The

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Headache treatment with abdominal acupuncture

A Superhero's headache When Tommy returned six weeks after the previous session to deal with his stress and arthritic finger & thumb (see fingers and thumbs) he complained of having a throbbing,

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