Abdominal Acupuncture Case Studies

Lockdown, a real pain in the Butt!

I got a call from a new client towards the end of the day. He was in severe pain and had been stuck in bed for three days unable to move. I changed my schedule and encouraged him to come in, even though

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Bernie’s Bursitis of the Hip

Bernie had just turned fifty and was suffering with right sided Bursitis of the hip. She was often woken up a number of times throughout the night and had constant tightness, frequent pain and a reduced

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Summer Solstice

Dave and Pia talk about all things related to the Summer Solstice in Ireland and France.The Abdominal Acupuncture Podcast · Episode 44: The Solstice PodcastIn this podcast Pia and I give our updates about

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Full of Phlegm!

Phyllis was a busy self employed designer who was suffering with recurring frontal, foot Yangming (Stomach) area headaches which affected her sinus’s and on occasion also caused her to have ringing in

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Ambidextrous by necessity!

Russell was a large and very physical man who worked in the hospitality industry. He was in his late forties when he gradually developed arm and shoulder problems as a result of being over enthusiastic

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