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A Sceptic’s Sciatica

IntroductionSeamus inadvertently ended up in my clinic, thinking he was going to a chiropractor after a good friend recommended me, saying nothing about what therapy I practice. He thought he was attending

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Scoliosis, Arthritis and Neuralgia

IntroductionAnna is in her mid seventies and has been suffering with various joint pains due to arthritis for a number of years. She has Scoliosis that causes her to walk with a stoop and Neuralgia which

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Learn Abdominal Acupuncture

Lower Back Pain Treatment With Abdominal Acupuncture

Dave Shipsey using abdominal acupuncture to treat lower back pain. Cun measuring tool (jump to 5mins 45s in the video). Chronic Neck, Shoulder and Lumbar PainSusan had used acupuncture

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Abdominal Acupuncture with Dave Shipsey

Hip treatment. Locating Abdominal Acupuncture Points

Dave Shipsey using abdominal acupuncture to treat a painful hip. Cun measuring tool (jump to 4mins 50s in the video). And here is another example of how I use the CUN metre(jump to 7mins 10s

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Summer Is Over

Summer is over and we are into late summer (usually happens when our schools go back). I got to get a holiday and bring some great reading to the beach. Pia and I engage in great, free flowing discussion

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