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Advantages Of Abdominal Acupuncture

  • Less needle sensation, therefore, less painful and clients generally prefer it. Needles are usually of a low gauge 0.16-0.25 mm and are therefore less noticeable for the client
  • AA uses shallow needling so less risk of injury. Therefore when using abdominal acupuncture to treat knee problems there is no risk of causing an infection whereas using knee eye points such as St 35 (Dubi) have a higher risk of causing an infection
  • Like other microforms of acupuncture, AA avoids the necessity to treat injuries where there might be swelling or bandages preventing local access
  • Usually abdominal acupuncture achieves better efficacy than other microforms
  • Abdominal acupuncture is less academic than many other systems
  • It is especially good for painful and chronic conditions. Due to the Biao-Li relationship and the location of the Zang Fu organs on the abdomen results can be superior to those achieved by needling distal points. This can prove less effective when there are nodes or blockages along the pathways that prevent the transmission of stimulation getting to the organs and viscera; (Ryan. P. 2009)
  • It is good for those with a weak constitution, including the elderly and/or immuno–compromised clients
  • Abdominal acupuncture is easier to administer to oneself and can treat various conditions without having to stretch to needle distal points. (I have used it on many occasions to fix my back!)
  • It can treat a large number of problems at once - Conditions such as fibromyalgia, which can cause pain at all joints of the limbs as well as different areas of the back can be addressed in one abdominal acupuncture treatment (see chapter 8, case history, ‘Accident Prone Anita
  • It gives rapid results. When emphasised by the pain scale of 1-10 a reduction to a score of 2-3 will amaze your clients and this will encourage them to talk about the experience and refer more patients to you
  • Energetically powerful results can take 24-48 hours to become evident. Clients will often notice improvements in their condition over this period
  • There is less likelihood of abdominal acupuncture aggravating painful conditions in the way that local points can
  • AA is unlikely to cause a client to faint, unlike some stronger acupuncture points such as Master Tung point Ling Gu.
  • You can charge more for abdominal acupuncture. (I charge 10% more for AA in my practice)
  • There are only a few practitioners using abdominal acupuncture, which will give you an advantage over your competitors
  • I find that AA often gives more profound, diverse and comprehensive side benefits than traditional acupuncture gives
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