Abdominal Acupuncture Theory - Abdominal Acupuncture
Learn Abdominal Acupuncture

Abdominal Acupuncture Theory

In this podcast I talk about important concepts that relate to  Abdominal Acupuncture Theory.

Abdominal Acupuncture For Digestive Problems
In this podcast Dave and Pia talk about how best to use abdominal acupuncture when a patient has digestive problems.[...]
Colds and Flu
In this podcast Pia and I discuss the various options for avoiding and treating colds and flu with Abdominal Acupuncture[...]
New Year Detox
The Christmas festivities are over and many of us are looking at ways to recoup, rebalance and restore our health[...]
Earth Elements In Traditional Chinese Medicine
Treating the Spleen / Stomach (Earth Elements) in the Late Summer and at the transition of Seasons.The Spleen / Stomach[...]

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