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Treating Stress Headache & Insomnia With Abdominal Acupuncture

A 47 year old female “Suzie” was suffering with severe stress, causing her all over body aches, her shoulders were tight and sore all along the GB and into the UB meridians. She had a constant tension Headache, frontal and behind the eyes, she had weakness in both arms and little strength in either hand especially the right hand. Sleep was poor and she would wake at 5A.M. anticipating the noise and anti-social behaviour, which was the norm with her inconsiderate neighbour! Suzie was very angry and anxious after years of enduring these neighbours from hell, and the anxiety had hit a new elevated level after being physically attacked and beaten up outside her apartment a week earlier!

There was plenty to deal with and I had to prioritise, so that I could get the most comprehensive results with as few needles as possible. Suzie was so anxious and freaked out about the thought of needles, she almost cancelled her appointment. I used “Heaven and Earth”, with the “abdominal four gates” Kid 17 on the left to move Qi from the Kidney down the weaker right arm, St 24 had lots of small but solid nodes which were needled (two points) and when I checked as to the change in the pain reference score this had decreased to a score of 2 from 10. Ren 12 was inserted less deep (0.2 cun) than Ren 4 which went to a depth of 0.5cun. The “abdominal four gates” went to the same depth and would serve the function of reducing the overall stress levels, reduce blood pressure and send Yangming Qi and blood to the extremities while dredging the channels and relieving upper and lower pain. I completed the right arm points with elbow Ab1 and wrist Ab2 points which went progressively less deep. I had Suzie grip my hand, and I was glad I had taken my ring off, as her grip was similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vice grip hand shake!!! I checked how the headache was and it was down at a level of 3 out of 10 on the reference score. Suzie was much more relaxed you could see here tension melt into the massage table and her eyes were glazed as she started to drift into a blissful state! After about twenty minutes I put the elbow, Ab 1 needle on the right to a deeper level of 0.75cun in order to move the stagnant Liver Qi. She was a much more calm and chilled out person leaving she had no tension or pain in the shoulders her arm and hand felt more like normal (with the strength of a lumberjack). Her headache was completely gone and she was happy to embrace the world again!

A week later I saw Suzie, and she explained that she was much more relaxed, she was sleeping through the night and only waking after 9 am, she hadn’t had a headache and her arm was feeling strong. She still had some shoulder tension and pain, which had started to return four days after treatment. This time my treatment was “Heaven and Earth”, with the “abdominal four gates”, all of which went to a depth of 0.5 cun. Kid 17 on the Right had a small node, so I used it to clear the tension and pain from the GB 21 area of her right shoulder. St 24 on the right was less deep at 0.3 cun, to totally eradicate the shoulder pain. I finished the treatment by adding Kid 13 to ease the anxiety and nourish the Kidneys. She was once again blown away, and drifted out the door with a big smile, at the end of the session!

The third session she had was intent on working at a deeper level to improve her mental – emotional state, her sleep was still great, there were no more headaches and she was stressed as she had to give a statement to the (Gardai) police. This time I used “Bringing the Qi home” with St 25 (Tianshu), the “abdominal four gates” and Kid 13 (Qixue) all to a depth of 0.5cun, I also included Ab 1 on the right which went to a depth of 0.7 cun to move Liver Qi further!

Suzie has had a couple more top up sessions and is a much happier woman, her sleep is good, she no longer gets headaches and her stress and shoulder tension levels are massively reduced she is now able to deal with the daily challenges and is especially happy as her neighbours have moved on too (nothing to do with abdominal acupuncture)!

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